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1h 23min | Comedy, Horror, Thriller | R | 9 October 2020 (USA)

In this taut thriller, a small-town sheriff who is struggling with a failed marriage, a rebellious daughter, and a lackluster department, is tasked with solving a series of brutal murders that are occurring on the full moon. As he’s consumed by the hunt for the killer, he struggles to remind himself that there’s no such thing as werewolves…or is there? Jim Cummings, Jimmy Tatro, Riki Lindhome and Robert Forster star.

Director: Jim Cummings
Writers: JIm Cummings
Starring: Jim Cummings, Riki Lindhome, Robert Forster

Cast & Crew: Jim Cummings, Riki Lindhome, Robert Forster, Chloe East, Jimmy Tatro, Marshall Allman, Daniel Fenton Anderson, Bryan Andrews, Neville Archambault, Colleen Baum, Skyler Bible, Amanda Brown, Gabe Casdorph, Kevin Changaris, Laura Coover, Demetrius Daniels, Rachel Jane Day, Nicole Duke, Kelsey Edwards, Hannah Elder, Diane D. Griffith, Dustin Hahn, Annie Hamilton, Will Madden, Michael K McDonough, Jessica Park, Emmett Preciado, Micki Rios, Taigelee Wayne, Kathleen Grace, Matt Hoklotubbe, Michael J. McGarry, Natalie Metzger, Matt Miller, Benjamin Wiessner

THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW | Official Trailer:

The Wolf of Snow Hollow (Official Trailer 2020) from Jim Cummings on Vimeo.

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