The Metal Tour of the Year

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On August 21st, The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory in Irving Texas. Megadeath, Lamb of God, Trivium and Hatebreed lit up the stage as the Metal Tour Of The Year came through. Hundreds of fans jam packed the venue from the pit all the way to the lawn.

Hatebreed was the first band up on this hot Texas day. Vocalist Jamey Jasta was very vocal on how excited they were to be back out on this stage. To say they “warmed-up the crowd,” would be an understatement. Hatebreed brought the long awaited 18 months worth of pent-up, Covid shutdown frustration and channeled it to a powerful set. To no surprise a circle pit was started within the 1st song. After about 35 minutes the hardcore legends left the stage and had everyone pumped and ready for Trivium.

With the venue nearly filled to capacity, the crowd exploded as Matt Heafy and the boys in Trivium took the stage. With a set comprised mostly of material from their 2020 album, What the Dead Men Say, and their forthcoming LP In the Court of the Dragon, it was the tracks from ShogunIn Waves, and The Sin and the Sentence, that had the crowd forming not 1 but 2 different circle pits. Was this about to be a trend of the show? Giving a performance only Trivium could give the crowd was left sweaty and ready for more.

It’s no surprise that the metal giants in Lamb of God were about to set the place ablaze…literally. As the curtain dropped and Randy Blythe’s first growls let out so did the crowds. In true Lamb of God fashion everyone was on top of their game. Randy, of course, used the entire stage to his advantage. The man has more energy that I could ever imagine. Running from one end to the other, jumping and bouncing everywhere. The lights went down and Randy asked everyone to “Walk With Me In Hell” and a wall of pyro erupted behind him. Which continued through the rest of the song. This was a must see performance. Catch Lamb of God anytime you can!

Last and certainly not least was Thrash Metal Megastars, Megadeth. Opening with “Hangar 18,” from their seminal thrash album Rust in Peace, the band wasted no time in getting the crowd on board with their set. I was particularly happy to have them start the show off with this song as it gave me more time in the photo pit to grab some amazing shots. The huge LED signs behind the members showed off their amazing graphics during each song. Megadeth really do know how to captivate an audience. Dave Mustaine and his band were spot on, with each member ecstatic with the chance to be back in front of a crowd. Having recently beat throat cancer, it was absolutely amazing to hear Mustaine’s voice strong and powerful.

In close, this lived up to the tour name 100%. The Metal Tour of the Year will be very hard to beat this year.