New Music Review: IRON REAGAN ‘Crossover Ministry’

IRON REAGAN Crossover Ministry Web Cover Photo

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REVIEW – I love bands who are “in your face”. That are just loud and pissed off and say, “this is who we are fucking are, take us or leave us”. Iron Reagan have this hardcore punk vibe but have a brutally hard metal edge to them. With their third album, the band is set yet once again to try and take over the landscape of music. “Crossover Ministry” showcases the band at their most obnoxiously intense stage. The riffs on this album are sharp enough to cut thru glass, and the grooves would cause the earth to quake. The opening of “A Dying World” have insanity in their rear view. There is no way a music fan can get thru this song just sitting on their ass. This is a song that makes you want to get up in full rage. Right now, I am picturing the typical Iron Reagan fan at their live show trying to come down after it is over. Lead singer Tony Foresta is a pissed off bastard. He takes aim at everyone, there is no one safe from his wrath. I feel that he is not a happy camper in front of a television. The sadistic side of him shines in his dark humor.

There are songs like “Parents of Tomorrow” and “Fuck the Neighbors” that showcase he has a comedic side as well. This band walks this line of punk and metal. There are bands like D.R.I, Rest in Pieces and Municipal Waste that come to mind (The Municipal Waste reference will be there considering this band has ex vocalist and lead guitarist). The 18 tracks on this album are all good songs. There is no filler on this album. This is just a great sing-along get fucking killed in a mosh pit cd. The album lasts around 30 minutes or so, and it never overstays its welcome. If you are into catchy hard rocking metal punk, this is a great album to get into.This is a band that is on the cusp of something major, I just hope people take a second to check them out. You will not be sorry…