New Music Review: BLOOD CEREMONY ‘Lord of Misrule’

BLOOD CEREMONY 'Lord of Misrule' - Cover Photo

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REVIEW – BLOOD CEREMONY is a band who clearly wear their influences on their sleeves. What influences you may ask? Welcome to the journey that is going to be Lord of Misrule. This album has a clever way of mixing classic rock with a doom metal feel to create this sound that you would think you are taking acid at Woodstock listening to the rehearsals of Jefferson Airplane. Musically this band are unique, they mix everything from Jethro Tull to Grand Funk to Cathedral with a female vocalist who has such a passionate delivery that she demands to be heard. Much like bands of today, Lucifer, Seremonia, Jess and the Ancient Ones, Sabbath Assembly and we can go on, this is a band who know how to compliment the style that the vocals bring across. Unlike all the bands I mentioned earlier, this is also a band that stands out on their own and not hiding behind a beautiful lead singer with awesome ability. This is a band who clearly grew up with riffs, with old school duets of instruments that just give you a chance to do some hallucinogenic and take this trip with them. What Alia brings to the sound is depth, personality and passion. This album is not a bunch of songs to mesmerize you, it is a group of adventures down many musical landscapes that you are unsure of where you are heading but you are happy that you are there.

The worst negative I can say about this album is that, if this album came out 10 years sooner it would have been such a huge deal. If it would have come out 20 years sooner it would have spawned a whole new musical trend. Today, there are just so many bands who offer this, I am not going to say BLOOD CEREMONY are weaker, stronger or the same, but I feel people need to hear this record, but chances are they will hear one song and assume that it is just like this and that album before it. This album sadly could get lost in the shuffle. That is tragic, because first song to last, this record really shines and is an awakening to a new vocalist to take seriously and a new band who really can play and deliver solid performances. BLOOD CEREMONY I can see being in my top 20 best albums of 2016 easily. I can also see most metal fans feeling the same. You owe it to yourself to seek this band out and do not look at a picture or a description and think “ Oh, this is like ELECTRIC CITIZEN or CILVER or this band and that band” This album is like BLOOD CEREMONY from first song to last, this record is very recommended for cracking open some alcohol, vitamins and herb and maybe running thru the fields of sound just in an orgasmic state of bliss.

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