New Music Review: 3000AD ‘The Void’

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8/10 Stars

REVIEW – New Zealand Crossover/Thrash Metal band 3000AD debuts their new full length album titled ‘The Void’. The debut album brings the listener on a voyage through a futile dystopian outlook. 3000AD are a crossover thrash metal band from Christchurch, New Zealand. Guitarist Sam Pryor, bassist Scott Austin and drummer Hellmore Bones formed the band to blend their zeal for Thrash Metal, 80’s Punk Rock and bleak, dystopian, futuristic imagery.

“Cells” is a hard rocking song about the wasteland. “The Network” starts off with a wonderful guitar solo before diving into the depths of a type of intergalactic futuristic sound. The self titled track “The Void” begins with riveting, haunting bass then segueing to head bopping guitars and searing vocals. “These Fires” is a fierce fast paced gem with strong guitar almost halfway through the track. The guitars and bass are the group’s strong points that meld together throughout the songs.

‘The Void’ was recorded in studios in Hollywood, California and Auckland, New Zealand. Award winning engineer and producer Clint Murphy mixed the album, and it was mastered at Sterling Sound in New York City. The gatefold artwork was painted by famed Berlin based artist Eliran Kantor.

Members of 3000AD include:
Hellmore Bones – Lead Vocals / Drums
Sam Pryor – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Scott Austin – Bass / Backing Vocals

For more information on 3000AD, visit:

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