Coheed and Cambria w/ The Used

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September 2nd Coheed and Cambria brought their friends in The Used and Meet Me @ the Altar to Irving Texas at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory. This was a very special night to me personally. The Used and Coheed were my jam growing up.

Up first was a band I had heard of but never heard any of their music. An all female 5 piece came out swinging with their popular feminist anthem, ‘Hit Like A Girl’. Meet Me @ The Altar is quickly becoming the new face of pop punk and providing representation for women of color in the rock scene. They got the crowd going with their energy and charisma.

After MMATA left the stage we had a brief break between sets. The crowd was still hype and ready. The lights went out and the bleeding heart in the middle of the stage started beating. As it raised up to the sky the crowd started cheering louder and louder. The band made their way out and everyone came unglued. As the first note of “Take It Away” hit Bert McCracken was jumping to the front of the stage engaging the audience.

This was so surreal. The Used will always have a special place in my little emo boy heart. The band wished great success for Meet Me @ The Altar and thanked Coheed for having them on the tour before closing out with ‘A Box Full of Sharp Objects’.

As the crew set up Coheed’s gear. The crowd revived their energy and rushed to the barricades chanting “Coheed! Coheed!” The band started off with, ‘In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3’ followed by Island. 

From beginning to end Coheed’s stage presence and seemingly effortless talent packed with emotion was clearly visible. Claudio took every chance he could to utilize the entire stage, running back and forth letting that big hair flow. The band closed out the set with The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut. Which I was kind of taken back because they hadn’t played Welcome Home or Unheavenly Creature. To my excitement out came Claudio and the guys for an encore and finished up with those 2 songs. All in all this was an absolutely fantastic show. I highly recommend seeing any of these bands when they come through whether it be this tour or any other they do.