Unsigned and Underappreciated: THE STYROFOAM TURTLES

Greetings my radical rapscallions! It is I, your Mistress of Metal, Skullgurl Metalchick and GREAT GOOGLYMOOGLIES I am uber superduper excited! I can barely type I am so freekin’ stoked to introduce you to the newest band that I believe is as underappreciated as they come, THE STYROFOAM TURTLES. Allow me to gush for just a millisecond, these guys are BEYOND talented! I was absolutely blown away immediately as the first song I was sent started to play. I was sent the link to their EP “Burnouts Watered Down”. The song was “Big Mouth”. I have to be honest, when I was sent the info on these cats I was a little hesitant. The bio I was sent lead me to believe this North Carolina duo was just two dudes hanging out jamming, more or less. Boy, was I wrong, dead wrong. Those you that know me know that I am old school, and believe that “less is more” when it comes to bands. I feel some bands have far to many musicians in their ensembles, 4 humans are pretty much all you should need, if the talent is there. Some of my all time favorite bands only have 3 members, and they achieve musical perfection. THE STYROFOAM TURTLES achieve musical magic with just two members, Josh Davis on drums and Tristen Colby on Guitar and Vocals. One would assume that these two musicians bolster their lack of band members with over production, sampling and looping, NOPERDOODLES my darling dumplings. No fancy schmanzy recording effects from these two, they achieve pure musical synergy that is a thing of sheer beauty.

STYROFOAM TURTLES Promo PicI bet you are wondering why I am saying these sweet things, and what is my humble opinion of what THE STYROFOAM TURTLES REALLY sound like. Well, let me break it down for you, in Skullgurl Terms, these guys are AMAZEBALLS! I cannot think of one weak aspect of their musical composition. Their song writing is 100% organic, there is zero likelihood that these guys have to put any thought into how their individual songs manifest. That is a rare occurrence folks, song writing is not something a person can just sit down and do well if the raw talent and passion is not present. Josh Davis and Tristan Colby simply seem to just slice open their very souls and the music comes flooding out. I never once felt that these guys were “phoning in” and just writing crap down so they could get famous and marry a playboy bunny. Davis and Colby create their music simply because it is part of their very existence.

I mentioned before that I was sent the EP, “Burnouts Watered Down”. Each song on this EP has it’s own individual skin, each song is a stand alone single. The versatility of these two young musicians is highly apparent as soon as the listener finishes one song then delves into a new one. The first track, “Big Mouth” is pure punk gold. Seriously for a couple North Carolina dudes that were probably born after the Punk movement dissipated, they know Punk. Second track “Grunge Monkey” immediately made me wonder how much Asheville, North Carolina like Seattle cuz this track oozes the quirky essence of the best bands of the 90’s “Seattle Scene”. Track # 3, “Nicotine Buzz” zaps the listener back into the beauty that is unfiltered Punk Rock. I have to mention that their earlier release from last September, “Melted” is a five track badassapalooza of raw, gritty slightly heavier tunes. My favorite from this release is by far “Give It To Me” pure nostalgic grunge that made me instantly miss Kurt Cobain.

There ya have guys and ghouls, this weeks Unsigned and Underappreciated”. I do have add that as of press time, I learned that THE STYROFOAM TURTLES¬†were just signed to Astronaut Records, a small indie label out of Ashville, North Carolina. I do have a strict “no signed bands” rule for this feature, but I am letting these guys slide because when I scouted them and chose them, they were not represented. Plus, this band is FANFUCKINGTASTICAL. I have included links, as always, so all you have to do is click away and start basking in the warm glow that is the music of The Styrofoam Turtles.

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