Unsigned and Underappreciated: STEREO LOVE

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Hola my happy little headbangers! It is I, your Mistress of Metal, Skullgurl Metalchick, here to introduce you to this weeks band, and GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY, they are fanfuckingtastical. Since you have playing along at home, you know that I generally gravitate to Metal music. What you may not know, is I started out as a rock n roll chick, playing guitar in my first band at age 18. What’s my point? My point is that I feel I am very well qualified to decide if a band is a powerhouse rock n roll act. This weeks featured artist, STEREO LOVE, have oodles of reasons why they are phenomenal, and when I say oodles I MEAN oodles. I know you all are busy with your pumpkin spice lattes and latest TOOL album gossip, so I will only give you the top 5 reasons that STEREO LOVE is AMAZEBALLS.


#1-Female fronted! Get this, Jewel Steele, lead guitar and vocals is only 20. This girl has channeled all the badassedness of all the best rock n roll queens before her. Jewell has the grittiness of Joan Jett, sultriness of Debi Harry and guitar chops of Lita Ford.

#2-3 piece ensemble! You all know I love the 3 piece, because less is more in my eyes. This Studio California band is even cooler because it is a dad an his two daughters. Yepperdoodles, Judd Steele is the big bad daddio beating the skins, with his 21 year old daughter Lulu doing vocals and slapping the bass , along with 20 year old Jewel.

#3-Write all their own music! According to the bands bio, they all refrain from alcohol and drugs, which is SUPERFANFUCKINGTASTICAL! When I first heard STEREO LOVE, I wondered how they tapped into the very essence of rock and roll without living the life style. I’ll tell you how, because rock and roll is a state of mind, it comes from deep within a persons soul, it is not based on life experiences only.

#4- 7 years! This family of rock n rollers have been performing together for 7 years. That means Lulu and Jewell hadn’t even hit puberty yet and they were already honing their craft. I can just imagine it, while other girls their age where freaking out about the new Bratz Dolls, Lulu and Jewell were probably freaking about the new Boss RC-30. All I have to say to Judd is, Parenting, you are doing it right!

#5-The sound of pure joy when they perform! I listened to their two albums, Baby Blue Skies from May, 2017 and Rock N Roll Addiction from 2016 along with watching live shows, and the euphoria these 3 get from performing is highly apparent. There is nothing forced about these 3 when it comes to making music. They share a familial bond, but also one even greater, the bond of music. This father and daughter trio’s music in a whole remind me of the double infinity symbol. The symbol signifies infinity and unity, no beginning and no end. An absolute unbreakable connection.

There you have it my rockin’ robins, the top 5 reasons that STEREO LOVE is AMAZEBALLS.  If that isn’t enough, I am going to leave you with this little crusty nugget of awesome!

Yes, it is a remake of the band Sweet’s monster hit from 1974, but STEREO LOVE makes this song THEIRS! It is prime example of how old school rock and roll flows through the veins of the 3 members of this band. I have included every darn link your little heart may desire so you can get your fill of STEREO LOVE.


Link to past STEREO LOVE shows>>> http://stereolove.indiegroup.com/photo3_3.html

STEREO LOVE Rock N’ Roll Addiction – 2016

STEREO LOVE Baby Blue Skies – 2017

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