Unsigned and Underappreciated: SEPTEMBER SKY


Greeting and Salutations my little metal miscreants! Welcome to another edition of Unsigned and Underappreciated where I introduce you to the cream of the crop of unsigned bands. This weeks band, SEPTEMBER SKY was chosen not only because of their phenomenal Alt/Metalcore sound, but also because of their mission statement. In their bio they state that “The band has made it a priority to write original tunes that empower and inspire its audience to conquer all that is life.” In my humble opinion, there are just not enough bands in the world of metal music that focus on the human condition and the plight of the common man. If you are like me, when life gets to be a big ole shit show, I turn to music to help cope and forget. This Indianapolis, Indiana based 5 piece Metalcore band creates the kind of music that speaks right to person’s soul and whispers” things may be sucky now, but they will get better”. The band is currently working on their next studio release and offer 3 free songs on their home page, how incredibly amazeballs is that?

The first song I heard from these cats was “Pieces” and I was instantly drawn in by the superbly orchestrated melodic guitar intro bleeding into poignantly delivered vocals. The entire composition, simply put, is genius. Not a weak line in the entire ensemble. “Fallacy” was the second tune I devoured from these indie metal-men, and I gotta tell ya, the vocals by Scott Bernhardt are deliciously wicked. I wasn’t going to spotlight any other songs in this feature since I know you will fall in love with SEPTEMBER SKY after the first song that you hear, but then the song “The Fight” came on. “The Fight” is an anthem of perseverance, courage and hope. I dare you not to jump up with fists pumping when you hear “Stand up and Fight” in the chorus, I bet you couldn’t resist the urge, just like me. I felt the raw energy these 5 musicians poured into this song from the top of my Skullgurl head to the tip of my Skullgurl toes, I think I still have goosebumps. Each song I have heard from this band is lyrically intricate and musically rock solid. The band performs as one entity, seamlessly connected by the common bond of the intense commitment to the music they love to create.

Tadah! There ya go my little puddin’ pies, just a few reasons why you should invite SEPTEMBER SKY into your world immediately, do not pass go, do not collect $200, just click on the links!

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