Unsigned and Underappreciated: EVERY HOUR KILLS


Greetings my little Heavy Metal Muffins, it is I, your Mistress of Metal, Skullgurl Metalchick.  I am here once again to introduce you to a band that is not yet signed to a record label and is BEYOND underappreciated.  I felt like It was fricking Christmas morning when I first listened to this band. I was blown away by the shear musical brutality of these dudes.  Metaladies and Metalgentlemen, I would like you to meet you new favorite Metal-Electronicore band, EVERY HOUR KILLS.  Yepperdoodles my  heavenly headbangers,  this trio of Canadian Metal-dudes are THAT good.  After discovering that this band hails from I immediately wanted to contact every other non-Canadian band in this Genre and tell them to step up their game.  You may be asking  yourself why I would say that, well, read on and I shall lay it all out for you.

In the vast sea of Metal-Core bands that have 5 or more members, EVERY HOUR KILLS, has 3 core members.   The band does invite other collaborators into the studio, but the newest EP Fragile Machine is defiantly the metal brain child of Sacha Laskow, Brent Stutsky and Jerrod Maywell.  The band call themselves a “Modern Melodic Metalcore” band, and I can agree to that description, to a point.  This band has infused so many true metal nuances into this EP on top of layers of Electronicore  that pinpointing what sub-genre this band can be categorized as is near impossible.  So, basically I am saying, no matter what genre you want to say they are, they are AMAZEBALLS!

The first song I listened to off of  the July 6th, 2018 release was Track 5, “Death Song”.  It was the first track listed in the file I received from EVERY HOUR KILLS‘s PR firm.  About 30 seconds into this song, I messaged  Tracy at TAG Publicity and told her that EVERY HOUR KILLS was my next Unsigned and Underappreciated band.  I listen to hundreds of new bands every month, so being able to decide a band makes the cut in 30 seconds is a down-right miracle.  The lightening fast swirling guitar riffs in the intro of “Death Song” sucked me into very vortex of song even before the vocals attacked.  The second track I listened to on the 6 track EP was “NumLock”.  I instantly fell in love with the beautifully haunting melodic harmonizing of the vocals. ” Illusoriun”  played next, impressing me with it’s sinister vibe and all encompassing composition.

There ya go, my lovelies, all the compelling evidence you need to make this band’s music part of your “best and badass” play list.  Oh, shnikkies, I forgot to mention how each and every track is a stand alone single.  As in, you could throw a dart at any of these songs and the one the darts hits can be used as representation of how superfantastical this band is.  They show wise versatility in their construction of each second of every song, making sure that no two songs bleed together.  Okay, now I am done gushing about EVERY HOUR KILLS, so follow the links, and start appreciating this band RIGHT MEOW!

EVERY HOUR KILLS Fragile Machine

Sacha Laskow – Guitar and Programming
Brent Stutsky – Bass
Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster – Vocals

EVERY HOUR KILLS is Endorsed by: Fractal Audio, Bareknuckle Pickups, and Toontrack

• Official Website: www.everyhourkills.com • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EveryHourKills • Twittter: http://www.twitter.com/everyhourkills • Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alansachalaskow • Youtube: http://youtube.com/everyhourkills • iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/every-hour-kills/id663068194 • Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/71zBN0qxihRtyHcfxejIgq