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Top O’ the morning to you lords and ladies, It is your Mistress of Metal, the Skullgurl. Boy, oh boy, do I have a doozy of a Metal band to introduce you love muffins to this week. If Brutal had a sound, this is what it would sound like. Let me introduce you to your new favorite METAL band, 3 MINUTES TO LIVE. It can safely be said that I was knocked right on my Skullgurl ass when this band came flooding through my headphones. I actually had to stop what I was doing to see who in the actual fuck it was delivering such passionate aggressive metal into my ear holes. I honestly thought I had clicked on the wrong file and was listening to a big name talent in this genre, that is how polished these 5 dudes present themselves. When I listen to a new band my gray matter automatically matches the sound to one of my favorite bands. Now, I tend to try and steer clear from labeling a band saying they “sound like” another band, because music is subjective, each musician has an individual essence they inject into their music. Just this once I am gonna break my rule and give you my honest opinion of who I think this band sounds like. Imagine if Prong and Clutch had a baby and that baby grew up and had a baby with Lamb of God, that would describe the music of 3 MINUTES TO LIVE. Now, all of you 3 MINUTES TO LIVE fans, don’t get your undies in a bunch, I give the comparison with much thought and research. I have listened to and appreciated those 3 band since their inception, so I have followed their metamorphosis through out the years. I can say with 100% confidence that the talent level if 3 MINUTES TO LIVE is equal to the previously mentions bands. I listened to the early music of 3MTL to their current album and marveled at the transformation these 5 Nashville Tennessee guys have made over the 14 plus years they have been a band. They have truly found their own unique voice and have created a rare multifaceted sound of “True Metal”. I also call “True” “Metal” “Root Metal”, as in where all Metal evolved from. Don’t believe me? Follow me, I’ll learn ya.

At the bottom of all my articles I post music links. Usually I make you wait until you read the meat and potatoes of my ramblings before I let you click on links, not today sweet peas! Here, right in the middle of the nutty goodness of this article is the link to a song by these guys you HAVE GOT TO LISTEN TO, RIGHT MEOW! CLICK PLAY!

There now, hear what I mean? These guys have such an old school fringe to their song writing that it almost whisks the listener back to the days when Head Bangers Ball was a thing. I am sure you could hear how absolutely in-sync these five musicians are when they create music, they preform as a whole, no showboating here. I want to point out one other song from these cats, “Pigs”. Listen to this song right after you listen to “Knock Me Down” and you will hear the creative versatility these guys possess when they craft a song. Lyrically each song is well thought out and constructed, instrumentally the fluency is infinite, no gaps or staggers.

Alright my little dew drops, that is all I really need to say about this band. They are, in Skullgurl speak, AMAZEBALLS. I know you all think I call EVERY band AMAZEBALLS, and you are wrong, just the most Amazeballiest get that title from me. 3 MINUTES TO LIVE won the title fair and square. Now, be good little metal minions and click the links, buy the music and invite the absolute brilliancy that is 3 MINUTES TO LIVE into your world.

3 MINUTES TO LIVE Strike The Shepherd

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