The League of One: Dispatch Review

7.5/10 Stars

The League of One sets out for new heights on their new album, Dispatch. The band does not waste any time getting down to business with their first fast paced rocking song, “Wax Museum.”  “Plastic Head” continues with a compelling drum solo segueing into the song. The next track “I Get Around” finds the listener bopping their head along and feeling in the moment. The tempo slows down a bit for the fun “Koolaid and Bug Burgers.” Drawing from influences such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Rush, Led Zeppelin, System of a Down, the band’s unique sound shows throughout the 10 track album.

Formed back in 2003 out of Canada, founding member Will Maeder (guitars/vocals) teamed up with Tracy Gerlach (bass/vocals) and Eric Gherasim (drums). Murray Sokoloski-“The Rev” (bass/vocals) replaced Tracy in 2005 and Bill Grant (drums) came aboard in 2009. The lineup has remained static since.

The League released their first single, a rough version of “Orange”, in 2004 which was later remixed and officially released years later in 2009.
After winning the Wolf 104.9fm Queen City Rocks competition, The League began to work on recording, producing and mixing their second release, “KILL”, which dropped in late November 2015. The League of One has recorded more songs adding to their impressive library The balance between their poignant and intense music with thought provoking lyrics is what makes the band so distinctive.
The album is a transcendent listening journey, with an appreciation of sounds and lyrics that will fascinate listeners for just under 50 minutes . The album is just long enough to appreciate their album as a whole but not overly long to lost the listener along the way. More info on the band can be found below:



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1. Wax Museum
2. Plastic Crackhead
3. I Get Around
4. Koolaid and Bug Burgers
5. Antz
6. The Connoisseur
7. Bic Blister
8. Six
9. Dionysus
10. Working Man’s Band