“Professional Music Fan” LOU BRUTUS Releases “YORKIE SUBMARINE” Coloring Book Starring his YorkiePoo DARLA THE WONDER DOG

Celebrating 50th Anniversary of The Beatles “YELLOW SUBMARINE”

 LOU BRUTUS to Host ROCK FEST WISCONSIN This Week + Picks Up his 5th ROCK RADIO AWARD as Nationally Syndicated Host of the Year

LOU BROTUS Yorkie Submarine

Coloring Book Tells the Story of Darla the Wonder Dog and Lou Brutus Rescuing “Pupperland” from “Blue Kitties” in the “Yorkie Submarine”

Nationally syndicated radio legend LOU BRUTUS has released a free, downloadable coloring book starring his YorkiePoo DARLA THE WONDER DOG. The book is entitled “YORKIE SUBMARINE.”

The coloring book is available as a free download from his web site LouBrutus.com. It tells the story of the “Idyllic Doggy Destination” of Pupperland being invaded by the evil Blue Kitties. Darla the Wonder Dog escapes in the Yorkie Submarine and brings back Lou to help free Sgt. Pupper’s Hungry Hounds Club Band. First, they must travel exotic undersea locales like The Sea of Digging Holes and The Sea of Dogs Can’t See Green before batting canine-hating creatures like The Crazy Cat Nippers, Dastardly Dog Catchers and The Fearsome Flying Vacuum.

The book’s two-page centerfold features lyrics to the “YORKIE SUBMARINE” theme song with a sample here:

There’s a place beneath the Canine Sea
Where all the good dogs freely pee
With belly rubs from every hand
Let me take you down to Pupperland
In the Yorkie Submarine
A fire hydrant is your latrine
In the Yorkie Submarine

Brutus wrote “YORKIE SUBMARINE” with artwork provided by his longtime graphic artist ALAN MACBAIN of THE ALAN MACBAIN CARTOON COMPANY. MacBain has provided art for several Brutus-related projects thru the years as well as other music-themed work for THE B-52s and DEAD SCHEMBECHLERS among others.

Of the coloring book Brutus says, “I couldn’t help but notice that everyone on Earth has gone insane and want to beat each other into a fruit-juicy pulp. I thought, ‘What can I do to distract them for a few moments?’ Then I realized what the world needed was a totally whacked-out 50th anniversary parody of a trippy Beatles cartoon-movie starring my dog where she and I battle acid-casualty cats and giant, blood sucking ticks. Seriously, was there ever a better time for something so weird and silly? Hopefully, it will give people who download and color it a pleasant respite before they go back to yelling at one another. At least the price is right!”

Brutus continued, “The coloring book is free, but I encourage folks who enjoy it to donate their time and money directly to their local animal shelters and rescues. Our animal friends are one of the great blessings in life and we must be better stewards of this awesome planet we live on. I realize there are other problems that require attention, but with this particular project I thought it apropos to help our fellow creatures. Support the animal shelters and rescues where you live or consider adopting a pet of your own, even if it’s a wicked Blue Kitty, so you can join Darla and I on the Yorkie Submarine!”

LOU BRUTUS is best known for his twenty-two plus years of national syndication hosting hardDrive and hardDriveXL, currently heard on over 100 radio stations in the United States and Europe, as well as his work on other national media platforms. Additionally, he is lead singer for the bands GRUMPY OLD PUNKS and DEAD SCHEMBECHLERS, as well as being a noted photographer.

Whenever asked what he does for a living Brutus laughs, “I’m a professional music fan. That’s really the heart of all the things I’m lucky enough to do. I was a kid who grew up in Central New Jersey doing nothing but listening to music, memorizing album liner notes and going to concerts. I’m just a music fan who went pro.”

This week, Brutus returns as stage host of the enormous music gathering ROCKFEST WISCONSIN. This year’s lineup includes headliners DISTURBED, GODSMACK, INCUBUS and RISE AGAINST. The festival runs July 12th, 13th and 14th in Cadott, Wisconsin.

Recently, Brutus was voted by his peers in the music media as recipient of his fifth straight award as Nationally Syndicated Host of the Year at the prestigious Rock Radio Awards in Las Vegas, NV.

LOU BRUTUS is currently working on two books. The first is a coffee table book of his massive, first-hand concert memorabilia collection entitled “One Man – Three Thousand Concerts: The Greatest F*cking Collection of Rock Show Sh*t in History.” The second is a book of his misadventures in music entitled “SONIC WARRIOR: My Life As A Rock and Roll Reprobate – Tales of Sex, Drugs, and Vomiting At Inopportune Moments.” Interested publishers please note that D4EO Literary Agency represents him in the book world.


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