OCCLUSIONS Release Debut EP “Kissing Silhouette”

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Today, Occlusions release their self produced debut EP, Kissing Silhouette. Pulling sounds and inspiration from hip-hop, R&B, chillwave, grunge, witch house, and pop, the EP is a carefully concocted cocktail that’s sure to satisfy your ears and mind alike.

Listen HERE.

The self-produced EP took roughly two years to put together, with Alex Gorischek (producer) hammering out beats in his Seattle apartment and then sending them to Monica Thomas (vocals), who would write lyrics while she was on the bus. Self-identity is a running theme throughout the EP, as Monica wrote honestly about relationships, unrequited love, and self discovery over the course of a year and a half.

About : Occlusions is the experimental R&B project of vocalist Monica Thomas and producer Alex Gorischek. The duo draws influences from the likes of FKA TwigsKelelaGold PandaAndy StottPOLIÇA, and others.

Thomas comes from a tradition of roaring alt-rock (via the now defunct Seattle band Power Cassette), but grew up with a stereo rotating between Erykah Badu, Modest Mouse, and her mother’s Italian arias. Gorischek started making beats with Sibelius in high school and has been producing electronic music ever since.

The two formally joined forces in 2016 and the result is the smoky, soulful sound of Occlusions. Their name evokes teeth locking together, computer-rendered shadows, consonant pronunciation, and cyclone formation — ideas that show up in the process of their work.

Occlusions are admittedly an odd pair coming from entirely different backgrounds, personalities, interests, and cultures. But in the studio, those differences help create their unique, eclectic sound.

OCCLUSIONS "Kissing Silhouette"OCCLUSIONS Kissing Silhouette

1. Astronaut
2. Become
3. City Love
4. Smoke Between Your Teeth
5. Too Much 
6. Oh Crater





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