New Music Review: WULIJIMUREN “Sun of UTC+8 Review”

(9.4 / 10)

REVIEW – In 2005, artist WULIJIMUREN needed a change in his life. After spending 12 years of time and devotion comes the result of all the hard work. A new album called Sun of UTC +8. Hailing from Beijing, this new album features 12 tracks.

Sun of UTC+8 album takes the listener on a journey of different places to the heart and of home. The first song “Rock Boots of Midnight at the Roadside” with a laid back psychedelic  vibe heading into a bit of a guitar sound reminiscent of SANTANA. The song draws the listener in and leaves them wanting more. The follow up track “Railway Station Ulaanbaatar” opens with a train’s whistle and then cascades into its own spiraling train ride. The ride continues with the slow paced “Train to the West.”

“Ticket to Hometown” is a transcending fun gem that frollicks into a calming sound. His album draws from his influences: GARY MOORE, DAVID GILMOUR, THE DIRE STRAITS, ERIC CLAPTON, and STEVE VAI. The album continues the trend of drawing the listener in for a unique and transcending listening experience.

WULIJIMUREN (Ulziimurun) is a music producer, Morin khuur performer, guitar player, TV program director, and Music Video Producer from Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. He graduated from the University of Inner Mongolia in 1998, and has been a member of many bands throughout China and Inner Mongolia since 1995, including SHIIN ORDOS, ALUS, SEHNGMA, and TENGGER CAVALRY in New York as a Morin Khuur performer. He released his first album of original songs in China in 2013 as well as a world music album titled Ordos Feel. In addition to music, WULIJIMUREN has created one of the most watched satellite TV productions called “Sambariin Sonin” and “Nadd Yarikh Yom Bain”, both popular talk shows in Mongolia. He is also a producer for the show “Ordos Wedding”. Since 2015, WULIJIMUREN has also been involved in the production of many music videos, such as “Mountainside,” “Khan,” “Independence Day,” “Cian-Bi,” as well as the videos for  “Stereotyping” for the band TENGGER CAVALRY, and the video for “Carnivorous” by the SEXXX DOLLS.


1. Rock Boots of Midnight at the Roadside
2. Railway Station Ulaanbaatar
3. Train to the West
4. Ticket to Hometown
5. Liquor of My Hometown
6. The Fate of Blue Wolf
7. Vast Sky
8. Photo Studio on the Love Street
9. Dream of Blue Mountain
10. Sun of UTC+8
11. Footsteps
12. Twelve Years


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