New Music Review: W.A.S.P. “Golgotha”


REVIEW – We’ve been warned since 2012, “Golgotha” was coming. Well, it has arrived and really gets back to “The Last Command” roots in terms of sound and style. Other bands may change their style record to record, while Blackie has changed his beliefs, the music and sound has always been consistent and kept the fans happy. I do admit Blackie’s fascination with trying to create a modern day “Tommy” in the 90’s lost me, but while it was a concept exploration it was clearly the W.A.S.P. sound. With Blackie being the sole original member left in the band and back for this ride is longtime bass player Mike Duda and the lead guitars of Doug Blair. This record continues Blackie’s bible fascination, as we focus upon the grounds where Jesus was crucified. Now, longtime fans think about this and the history of this band, did anyone see this band to be going this route?

I admit the concept records were a given as we went into that Electric Circus, but a fascination with not a man-made religion but with what the bible tells us. “Golgotha” is a spiritual call to arms for Lawless and to hear him sing lyrics like “Jesus, I need you now” really paints a different picture for the man who we are all well aware of his shock shows and lyrics in the past. To see a human emotion in him that also showed in songs like “Hold on to my Heart”, just shows that while Blackie is getting older and wiser, so are his fans. It seems that he is on a spiritual journey while still playing the traditional W.A.S.P. sound. The opening song “Scream” is going to go over well live. It has that hook that fans have come to love from the band, with the bass work and Blackie’s vocals clearly still shining. It sounds like the 6 year absence has gone to getting ready to unleash this monster. Guitarist Blair shines, and on the song “Miss You”, shows people why he belongs in the talk about guitar geniuses. “Slaves of the New World Order” is such an epic track that sounds like it would have been in perfect company on some of the past concept albums by Blackie and the gang.

Blackie’s rebirth seems to give him this positive energy to create some really good music. While “Golgotha” offers nothing new, it does not matter, it is still a great record from a band whose career has had more hits than misses. Welcome back, you have been so missed.


W.A.S.P. GolgothaW.A.S.P. Golgotha

1. Scream
2. Last Runaway
3. Shotgun
4. Miss You
5. Fallen Under
6. Slaves of the New World Order
7. Eyes of My Maker
8. Hero of the World
9. Golgotha