New Music Review: THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA “Space”

REVIEW – Well, then… That was quick. No sooner had I started writing, when the new EP from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA abruptly ended. Timing out at less than 20 minutes, I got a good two listens in before completion. I suppose a short release merits a short review.

A clever collection of like-themed compositions entitled “Space”, released on Rise Records on August 21, 2015, is the first release without founding guitarist Chris Rubey, who left the band earlier this year for family life. Vocalist Mike Hranica, guitarist and vocalist Jeremy DePoyster, bassist Andy Trick, and drummer Daniel Williams have continued on, releasing their second conceptual release after 2010’s Zombie EP.

Leading off with a track about an astronaut experiencing a malfunction in space, much like a modern-day Major Tom, “Planet A” starts off the following events of the EP. “Alien” describes other life forms as monsters, while “Supernova” tells of becoming one with space in the afterlife. “Asteroid”, oddly enough, listed in the album notes as “An Asteroid Towards Earth” brings this EP to a close.

I’m obviously not a huge fan of EPs. My mindset is to release a collection that holds the listener captive for a bit longer than 20 minutes. I still found it enjoyable, despite it ending so quickly, but I guess that’s the trend now. Are albums really passé? Are we destined to listen to maybe a track or two, once or twice a year, as opposed to full length albums every couple of years?


1. Planet A 4:19
2. Alien 2:41
3. Moongod 3:48
4. Celestial Mechanics 1:29
5. Supernova 2:50
6. Asteroid 4:25

Total length: 19:32