New Music Review: SAINT DIABLO “Devil Horns and Halos”

SAINT DIABLO “Devil Horns and Halos” Web Cover Photo

REVIEW – Virginia is becoming a major, if not THE major, metal American state.  Native sons, SAINT DIABLO released their sophomore album “Devil Horns and Halos” on November 13, 2015.  Their eponymous debut in 2012 impressed the suits at Eclipse records and the label opted to deliver album number two.  Veteran metal producer Tim “Rumblefish” Gilles, who also produced Anthrax and others, handles his position quite adequately here, and does so from Blue Meenie studios in Jersey City, New Jersey. Three years doesn’t seem like too long of a time to wait between albums, but much can occur in between then and now. Recording commenced in late 2013, everything was going just the way they wanted, when life delivered them a few doses of reality.

Founding guitarist Justin Adams went through a divorce and was also diagnosed with cancer shortly after.  One track from this album, “Survive This” is about Justin’s battle with the disease. With support and a will, Justin handled it like a champ, delivering some of the most powerful playing he’s ever delivered. Vocalist Tito Quinones’ mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s, had passed away, and the band’s bassist, Lefty Randal, and drummer, Trent Priest had both departed, but were replaced with drummer Brian Bush, and their tour manager, Tyler Huffman on bass.  Fortunately, human nature allows us to see the beauty in tragedy, as Brian Bush welcomed a baby boy, the band completed the album, and Justin Adams was given the all-clear and is now cancer free.

With things finally looking up for SAINT DIABLO, a new album also means a tour.  Several dates in November and December were played, and several more await in 2016. A very aggressive album, with Latino overtones; “Dark Horse” is sung in Spanish.  A question of why people send money to people on television is the subject of “Ancient Astronauts”, and the album’s closer, “Reincarnation” is insight into experiencing life again, although with no memory of the previous existence.  SAINT DIABLO is on the right track, and I’m already looking forward to their next release.

SAINT DIABLO “Devil Horns and Halos”

SAINT DIABLO “Devil Horns and Halos”Track Listing:
01. Devil Horns and Halos
02. Survive This
03. Meet My Maker
04. Dark Horse
05. Ancient Astronauts
06. Trust Me
07. Last Fight
08. My Time
09. Adios En-amigos
10. Reincarnation

Total time: 37:34


Vocals: Tito Quinones
Guitarist: Justin Adams
Bass: Tyler Huffman
Drummer: Brian Bush

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