New Music Review: NICK LAMB ” Rock N Rolls My Road”

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REVIEW – NICK LAMB will release his first independent album, “Rock N Rolls My Road” at the end of May. LAMB writes music from the depths of his heart with tracks such as “Getting High Off You” which is the first single off of his new album “Rock N Rolls My Road”. It is a song about a woman’s love. It exemplifies the passion LAMB possesses. The song speaks of the happiness his wife offered him when life was all about living fast and partying. It expresses the significance of being open to love and content with life. The song is upbeat and fast paced and displays an obvious influence from the infused rock sounds of the 1980s.

LAMB grew up financially poor, but found his passion in writing about friendship and love. He not only plays the guitar, he also drums, sings, and composes. LAMB attended college later in life at the of age twenty-nine and earned a Bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University in film and video production. He continued his studies  to get his Master of Fine Arts Degree in creative writing from Wilkes University.

LAMB’s influences range from classic rock of the ’60s and ’70s, to the metal sounds of the ’80s including bands like Salty Dog, Faster Pussycat, Guns and Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, to heavier stuff like Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth and Judas Priest. In addition the unmistakable sounds of the 90’s from such bands as Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, to Chris Cornell and Audioslave in the 2000s, as well as Velvet Revolver, STP, NIN, and Tool were extremely influential on LAMB. In conclusion, LAMB loves a variety of music with his musical spectrum starting with bands such as The Cranberries and ending with bands such as Slayer. LAMB believes there is something monumental about a guitar accompanying a remarkable rhythm section that lightens up inside.

NICK LAMB “Rock N Rolls My Road”

NICK LAMB "Rock N Rolls My Road"

1. Rock n Rolls My Road
2. This Town
3. The Weekend Starts Tonight
4. Simple Man
5. Getting High Off You
6. When I Close My Eyes
7. Greybar Hotel
8. Stick One To the Man
9. Not Tonight
10. Send the Angel



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