New Music Review: MOTÖRHEAD “Clean Your Clock”

MOTORHEAD "Clean Your Clock" Web Cover Photo

REVIEW – The 13th live album from MOTÖRHEAD, entitled “Clean Your Clock: Live in Munich 2015”, was released on June 10, 2016 on the UDR label out of Germany.  The recordings for this album were recorded on MOTÖRHEAD’s European 40th anniversary, and would be the last ever professionally recorded live MOTÖRHEAD shows.

At first, I thought this album was going to be a compilation of the best of the tour, or with some enhancements of some kind, or even a bootleg, but when I saw that the recording for this album occurred on the 20th and 21st of November, 2015 in Munich, Germany, I knew there would be no overdubs or fixes, and this would be a live album in every sense. I was also afraid that this wouldn’t show Lemmy in a very good light, considering how close he was to the end, and I would just be sad listening one of the last ever MOTÖRHEAD shows, but I was wrong. He’s joking with the crowd, and seemingly enjoying doing yet another show among the thousands they already had under their belts. The immense drumming of MOTÖRHEAD mainstay, Mikkey Dee, keeps everything afloat, while Phil Campbell’s guitar echoes several different eras of MOTÖRHEAD. It left me with a smile.

Things start a little shaky, as live concerts usually do, but things quickly get on track by the end of the opening song, “Bomber”. They dust off a deep track, “Rock It”, from 1983’s “Another Perfect Day”, dedicate “Dr. Rock”, which also contains a drum solo, to fallen ex-bandmate Philthy Animal Taylor, go acoustic for “Whorehouse Blues”, and in true Lemmy fashion, he alters the lyric in Ace of Spades; “I don’t want to live forever… but apparently I am!”

I’m grateful that I was able to see MOTÖRHEAD on a few occasions.  It was always a good show, and it was always really freakin’ loud.  Lemmy sounds remarkably vibrant for someone who, a mere 38 days later, would no longer be with us. Is it perfect? Thankfully, no. It’s not supposed to be perfect. It’s very live, It’s MOTÖRHEAD, and they play dirty, nasty rock n’ roll, and I’m going to miss the hell out of not seeing them ever again.

MOTÖRHEAD “Clean Your Clock”

  1. Bomber
  2. Stay Clean
  3. Metropolis
  4. When the Sky Comes Looking for You
  5. Over the Top
  6. Guitar Solo
  7. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
  8. Lost Woman Blues
  9. Rock It
  10. Orgasmatron
  11. Doctor Rock
  12. Just ‘Cos You Got the Power
  13. No Class
  14. Ace of Spades
  15. Whorehouse Blues
  16. Overkill

Total time: 74:00

Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister – Lead vocals, bass, acoustic guitars
Phil Campbell – Guitar and backing vocals
Mikkey Dee – Drums