New Music Review: IGNITE “A War Against You”

IGNITE "A War Against You" Web Cover Photo

REVIEW – Southern California’s IGNITE released their latest album on January 8th, 2016 entitled “A War Against You”. The melodic follow-up to 2006’s “Our Darkest Days”, IGNITE light up the airwaves with an aural assault of energy and heaviness.

Orange County saw the birthplace of IGNITE in 1993, and frontman Zoli Teglas solidified his role in the band by commanding vocally through several releases in the ‘90s. Not limited to IGNITE, Teglas explored other territories, most notably, taking up vocal duties in Pennywise on their 2012 album “All Or Nothing”.  The other members; Brett Rasmussen (bass), Craig Anderson (drums), and Brian Balchack (guitar) were all involved in other projects as well, but nobody forgot about IGNITE. “Playing in Pennywise was amazing but playing in IGNITE, I can focus just as much on the message as well as the music,” says Teglas. One-time Motörhead producer, Cameron Webb, steers the ship wearing the producer hat for the third time.  Teglas notes that while writing the album, the idea was to force the music and message a certain direction, and it wasn’t flying.  The songs needed to just happen.  Once they loosened the grip on the album’s direction, it seemed to make itself.

The band claim that the productivity and inspiration was fueled by the other projects the members had going on, the birth of Teglas’ child, his involvement with pelican rescue, which he deems “more important than music”, and friends battling cancer. The track “Nothing Can Stop Me” is written about that friend’s battle.  Other tracks tackle topics including Teglas’ Hungarian heritage, wartime, and man’s destruction of the Earth. The album is complete with a hidden bonus track: a version of “Where I’m From” sung in Hungarian. IGNITE’s influence can be heard on a high level. Machine Head, whom IGNITE has shard a stage, has recently covered “Our Darkest Days/Bleeding”.  It’s quite evident that fast, energetic, melodic is alive and well and won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

IGNITE “War Against You”

IGNITE "A War Against You"Track Listing
1. Begin Again
2. Nothing Can Stop Me
3. This Is A War
4. Oh No Not Again
5. Alive
6. You Saved Me
7. Rise Up
8. Where I’m From
9. The Suffering
10. How Is This Progress
11. You Lie
12. Descend
13. Forward
14. Work

Zoli Teglas- Vocals
Brian Blachack- Guitar
Brett Rasmussen- Bass
Craig Anderson- Drums