New Music Review: GRAYSCALE “What We’re Missing”

GRAYSCALE "What We're Missing" Web Cover Photo

REVIEW – Philadelphia’s own GRAYSCALE, an alt-rock/pop-punk phenomenon will release their second full-length album entitled “What We’re Missing” on February 12th, 2016 via Anchor Eighty Four Records.

Establishing themselves in 2011, GRAYSCALE has spent almost five years honing their craft, and releasing 2013’s “Leaving”, and an EP in 2015 called “Change”. The first single from “What We’re Missing”, “Palette” is about “feeling shut out or left behind from a relationship,” says vocalist Collin Walsh. “As the song progresses, the lyrics turn into a “realization” that the ending of the relationship was for the better. There are silver linings in everything, it just takes some time for them to surface.” Lyricists Walsh and Dallas Molster, who also plays guitar and contributes vocals, write very brutally realistic lyrics dealing with suicide among other things. Guitarist Andrew Kyne plays well and compliments Molster’s axe work. Bassist Derek Parker, and drummer Nick Veno hold down the rhythm section very competently.  Produced and engineered by an all-star team including producer Gary Cioffi, and Grammy Award winning engineer Brian Gardner (Teagan & Sara, and Kendrick Lamar), the hooks are strong, the musicianship is growing stronger, and the songwriting is always getting better.

This is one of those releases where it’s over before you know it, and it leaves you saying, “Wow- it’s done already?”  Clocking in at a punchy 27 minutes, it does leave the listener wanting more, which follows the P T Barnum rule of show business.  The tracks are well-written and catchy, something very common in pop-punk, and that’s no different here. Drummer Veno adds that the album “is a collection of our thoughts, feelings, and stories from the past two years. Collin and Dallas are never afraid to call things as they see them, lyrically, and that kind of bluntness certainly didn’t change for this record.” It’s refreshing to hear this much honesty in new music.

GRAYSCALE “What We’re Missing”

GRAYSCALE "What We're Missing"Track Listing:
1. Tense 1:47
2. Palette 3:28
3. Midwest 2:44
4. Say Something 3:33
5. Change (Alternate Version) 2:46
6. Catholic 3:04
7. Bloom 3:15
8. Irish Curtains 4:02
9. August Love 2:42

Total Time: 27:21


Derek Parker- Bass
Andrew Kyne- Guitar
Collin Walsh- Vocals
Dallas Molster- Guitar/Vocals
Nick Veno- Drums

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