New Music Review: FROM ASHES TO NEW “The Future”

FROM ASHES TO NEW The Future Web Cover Photo

REVIEW – FROM ASHES TO NEW is back with their sophomore effort ‘The Future’. The Lancaster, PA based band has faced its share of turmoil since their debut effort, 2016’s ‘Day One’. Most notably FROM ASHES TO NEW has a new revamped lineup. The only remaining members from the ‘Day One” lineup were Matt Brandyberry and Lance Dowdle. In March of 2017, the band issued a statement that Tim D’onofrio and Chris Musser would be stepping away from the band. At the same time announcing that former TRIVIUM drummer Mat Madiro would be stepping in as the new drummer. The band stated “Unfortunately, Tim and Chris decided this wasn’t for them anymore and have ultimately stepped away from the band. That being said, we are more excited now than ever before with the new music we are writing! To us, (Lance, Branden, Matt) change brings opportunity. We would like to personally thank Mat Madiro for stepping in on drums, as he is a force to reckon with behind the kit!” To fill the vacancy left by the exit of singer Chris Musser the band turned to social media to find a new lead singer. After receiving numerous audition videos via YouTube it was revealed that singer Danny Case would be taking over the singing duties for FROM ASHES TO NEW on July 13, 2017. See the announcement here.

“We went through the most extreme level of adversity that anyone can go through while creating this album, explains the band’s vocalist/keyboardist/programmer Matt Brandyberry. “Pretty much anything that could go wrong to slow down the process and throw you a curveball happened, but we came out on the other side.”

The opening track, aptly named “Wake Up”, is like a burst of energy setting you up for what’s to come from the rest of the album. The vocals of the catchy chorus hook us hard as it soars skyward with upbeat-energy.

The highlight of this album is the second track and lead single “Crazy.” The track is reminiscent of the early 2000’s nu metal  movement of bands such as Linkin Park. With its dual vocalist and radio friendly approach this song harkens memories of days past without feeling dated.

Another highlight of this album is the track “My Name.” This track speaks of the jaded ways of the world, but maintaining an optimistic approach to life. FROM ASHES TO NEW take advantage of the dual vocalist on this track with Matt Brandyberry singing from a critical perspective while Danny Case sings of overcoming those feelings with a sense of optimism with his words, “I’ve got my head in the clouds, my feet on the ground, Yeah I’m standing now and I am not afraid, With my head in the clouds, never looking down, Yeah I’ll never stop until the world knows my name.” This song is beautifully composed building from a light beat and keyboards playing softly behind Brandyberry and building to a full crescendo with Case joining in with the chorus.

The closing track speaks to the turmoil from which the band has overcome and “The Future” of it. With lines such as “We’re the future and we have just begun, We are the truth the chosen ones, We are the new the past is gone” new singer Danny Case speaks to the fact that he is the future of this band. While founding singer/guitarist Matt Brandyberry sings “It’s a new day and a new way, the future brings a new game, A view change a crusade, it’s a journey to the new age,” speaks to the past with lines such as “We’re coming, you’re going ’cause we are the chosen, yeah, this is our moment, you’re too late.”

In summary, This band is like a phoenix rising FROM ASHES TO NEW! ‘The Future’ appears to be very bright for FROM ASHES TO NEW.



1. Wake Up
2. Crazy
3. My Name
4. Gone Forever
5. Broken
6. Forgotten
7. Enemy
8. Nowhere To Run
9. Let Go
10. On My Own
11. The Future



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