New Music Review: COUNTLESS THOUSANDS “You’re Goddamn Right”

REVIEW – Based out of Los Angeles comes COUNTLESS THOUSANDS, a four man group who love what they do. With a mix of rockabilly, jazz, and punk to debut a new EP called You’re Goddamn Right. Members of the band include Danger Van Gorder (vox/guitar), Davey Munch (bass), Light Return (guitar/vox), and Jonathan David (drums).

With a grand fierce energy comes the first entry on the album called “The Asskickers’ Union.” Following the lead track comes “We’ve Got A Dress Code” continuing the amazing take off the first song introduced. A throwback to the Aquabats lifts up the piece to danceable mood. “Excellent Horse Like A Lady” begins with a nice steady mellow pace. This song takes a doo-wop element to their mix of rock that works very well. With a callback to rockabilly comes “Only Child.” This song is about a sister who is a jerk. “Webster’s Dictionary Defines Marriage As” is an enchanting love song about a couple coming together with no illusions. The EP closes off with the punk infused “Gang Fight.”

This a great EP offering a flavor what COUNTLESS THOUSANDS have to say. If you’re a fan of the Clash, the Aquabats, or Against Me!, these guys are the right answer. Also, if you’re looking for something new and innovative from some of today’s offerings, these guys are a fun listen.

COUNTLESS THOUSANDS “You’re Goddamn Right”

COUNTLESS THOUSANDS "You're Goddamn Right"Tracklist:
1. the Asskickers’ Union
2. We’ve Got a Dress Code
3. Excellent Horse-Like Lady (USA Version)
4. Only Child
5. Webster’s Dictionary Defines Marriage As
6. Gang Fight





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