New Music Review: UNBORN SUFFER “Nihilist”

UNBORN SUFFER "Nihilist" Web Cover Photo
(10 / 10)

REVIEW – …”as the gates of hell opened up and the evil that descended this planet wiped away everything in its path with such fury. It made every person bow down in front of the furious gods and proclaim they have finally discovered what true power is.” I have no idea what 2016 can hold in terms of music, but holy shit, I do not see any record unseating UNBORN SUFFER‘s Nihilist as album of the year. This has to be the most sadistic and twisted record in ages in terms of just sheer bizarre crazy extreme metal. UNBORN SUFFER has been around for a while creating this technical and fucked up lunacy that they have become unstable and sheer threats to the whole music landscape. This band just comes right out the gates in a mad sadistic balls to the wall fury. Nihilist could be the soundtrack to a butchering, or better yet a slaughterhouse. UNBORN SUFFER even has the balls to give us a polka rhythm in all this sea of insanity. This is music to break up to for sure.

The riffs on this record are so dark and sinister, it compliments the vocals that just shriek in such a fury with those banging drums that sound like a plane heading towards the ground at a record rate. This record does not have one wasted moment, every second of Nihilist just feels so epic and ground shattering. This is a band that is not out to change the world, they are here to bring it to ash and pain. Talk about a band that had to be inspired by the Earache music label in the early 90’s. This is just sheer grindcore, deathcore, hatecore and everything else you can name. If GENE SIMMONS thinks that metal is truly dead, tell the bastard to listen to this album, I promise you he will feel really stupid about opening up his mouth. UNBORN SUFFER‘s Nihilist could cause a riot in heaven. Nihilist is 2016’s brightest hope, I hope everyone gives UNBORN SUFFER and Nihilist a chance. Nihilist is the record to beat this year.



1. Obscurity
2. Open Defiance
3. Tyler Durden
4. Life Is A Lie
5. Extorted Humanity
6. Post Abortum Pt 3
7. 08.09.1968
8. Vain In Cage
9. Hopebreaker
10. Dance Like They Want
11. Existence Dies
12. Destroy What Destroys Us
13. Self Purification
14. Filthy Liars
15. Grind Until I Die
16. L.A.W. (Lost All Worth)
17. Nervous Breakdown Of The System