New Music Review: SUPERJOINT “Caught Up In The Gears Of Application”

SUPERJOINT "Caught Up In The Gears of Application" Web Cover Photo
(7 / 10)

REVIEW – Let’s be honest, the last few years have not been kind to Phil Anselmo. Some may say, it started when we got the Pantera-Behind the Music special on VH1. As metal fans, we are always on the outside looking in, trying to speculate on who is right or wrong. Phil, made us as fans a crack in his door to see his antics and read his words, which seem to contradict themselves. Let’s ask ourselves. So, we attack Anselmo for his comments that people declared to be offensive, but we let Beyonce off the hook? We let Kanye West off the hook? I did not see Robb Flynn running his mouth about the pop commercial fame side of the argument. The side that could make a phone call and take his label to task for having him on it. But, he will attack the metal family because they pose no threat to his mouth. I will not even begin with the back and forth between Vinnie Paul and him. Sucks that Dime’s old lady could forgive Phil, but not Vinnie? Though, Vinnie runs to the bank to cash those reissue checks for the music. That is just the ice tip of the drama that Phil seems to live in. Superjoint is another matter. It seems that there has been a ton of drama and speculation about this band. Let’s talk about the music now. (I hate all this drama bs, it takes away from the primary concern I have. That being, is this album good or bad) In the last 4 years, we have had a huge influx of Phil Anslemo music. We had EP’s, album’s and reissues.

I loved the Down EP’s. I thought, that was some of the best Down music we have had to date. I loved his 58th side band Scour, that was a great departure for him. I even liked his solo record. The new Superjoint album, feels like overkill. That is not to say this is a bad album. I feel if Pantera were to put out a new album today with Wylde on guitar, this would be close to what we would get. This is more hardcore than the past releases by Superjoint. They are still reeking in sludge riffs and that unmistakable Phil attack on vocals. This album, feels more punk inspired. It has that fuck all punk attitude drenched in metal 80’s riffs. This is a band that is clearly not sure what direction they are going. I love the past album’s better, but this album has a lot to brag about. I just wish that Phil would stop releasing 15 so so album’s a year, and maybe give us one great one instead. I am sick of having to go thru 3 filler songs to get to one that is stellar. That was the problem I had with his solo record. That is the problem I have here as well. There is just not enough energy and passion to carry this album. You feel that Phil just put out this album, just to have a comeback album for the band. More thought should have been thrown into this album. If you are a fan of the band, you may be in for a test more than entertainment. I think Phil needs to take a break from music and get his batteries recharged. His antics and workaholic load are starting to showcase more than his talent.

SUPERJOINT “Caught Up In The Gears Of Application”

SUPERJOINT "Caught Up In The Gears of Application"Track Listing:
1. Today And Tomorrow
2. Burning The Blanket
3. Ruin You
4. Caught Up In The Gears Of The Application
5. Sociopathic Herd Delusion
6. Circling The Drain
7. Clickbait
8. Asshole
9. Mutts Bite Too
10. Rigging The Fight
11. Receiving No Answer To The Knock