New Music Review: NIGHT SCHOOL “Blush”

NIGHT SCHOOL "Blush" Web Cover Photo
(9 / 10)

REVIEW – As some people know, I have a spot in my heart for female musicians. It does not matter metal all the way to pop, I love what females have been doing for music since my birth. Earlier this year, I was talking about this new band I discovered called THE PRETTIOTS that have this garage pop sound that is so catchy yet and yet the lyrics are so darkly humorous and hopeful in some odd way. Then, I was talking about female punk band that won me over called the NEGATIVE NANCYS, that have an epic debut album if you are into pop punk circa surf the JAN AND DEAN age. GRAVEFACE RECORDS who are becoming my favorite record label dropped me an album that I will say is another young female garage pop trio who combine what those two bands above I mentioned to create an album that I feel is going to win over many people very fast. Records and bands like the ones mentioned and other newer bands it just breaks my heart there is no CMJ magazine to put them on the free album or 120 Minutes to give them television exposure. Bands these days put out great music and sadly it just goes away as fast as it came out. For this band Night School and this album that is just a crime. Blush is the album that starts a career, where people fall in love with each song and enjoy the journey the music takes them on.

NIGHT SCHOOL knows how to compliment each other and the vocals on this album are dream pop mixed with 60’s surf. Blush is the kind of album that could play in a soda shop on the jukebox when the person you want to talk to walks in and you sit with them and remember the moment because of the song playing. People credit THE VIVIAN GIRLS with this upswing of bands that are inspired by the soundscape of soft old school garage pop. I hate to say, this band’s debut record to me is just as good if not better than anything by them. NIGHT SCHOOL’s Blush from the first song to the last keep a melody in your head and make you want to repeat the track again and again. The vocals are dream like yet melodically passionate. The guitars, bass and drum all compliment the style and keep the listener in this bliss. This sounds like if THE BEACH BOYS, THE SHANGRI-LAS and THE STROKES were thrown into the deep end of the pool. This is exactly what would come out, one of the most impressive debut albums of 2016. Alexander Morte, Baylie Arin and Cheyenne Avant are going to make a mark with Blush.


1. These Times
2. Last Disaster
3. Casanova
4. City Kiss
5. Misty and Blue
6. Airplanes
7. Hypnotized
8. Teen Feelings
9. Lost
10. Pink