New Music Review: MOTÖRHEAD “Bad Magic”

(6.5 / 10)

REVIEW – Listening to the latest album by Motorhead it would never cross your mind the health issues the band has had and in particular frontman Lemmy Kilmister. 22 records and over 40 years and this band does not show any signs of letting up or slowing down. To describe the sound of the music on this album is easily, it is like the others, it is classic Motorhead. You know you are going to get that gritty vocal delivery and just straightforward rock and roll played all the way up to 12. This is a band that go by the standards of “ if it is not broken why fix it”. They have made a legacy and Lemmy an icon off this gritty hard edged pool hall fight on a drunken night rock. The album kicks off with Lemmy singing about “victory or die” then the music kicks in. The sound off this track with that driving guitar and drum pounding will remind many of Ace of Spades-era. Phil Campbell on this record really delivers some of the sickest guitar work along with the rumbling of Lemmy’s bass and Mickey Dee just so energetic behind the kit. Much of the music that Motorhead has delivered this time out has this urgent tempo and just insane catchy groove. Shout out all your lights is another track that is going to keep the old school fans very happy.

While a track like Evil Eye showcases what Mickey Dee does on drums The Devil is another track that old school fans are going to embrace. If this record so happens to be Motorhead’s last, Tell Me Who To Kill could be their modern day classic to go with their staples. Till The End is another ballad much like what you would have expected from the 1916 sessions. It is a good little power ballad that serves as the calm in the storm. The shock is the cover of The Rolling Stones Sympathy of the Devil which is a ballsy move but the band pulls it off. Motorhead have been putting out awesome albums for years, this is a band that has very few misses if any at all. Motorhead fans will love this album. This album is for the fans more than anything else. You can tell that Lemmy and the guys are still passionate about doing music. If you never heard a Motorhead song before, or new to the band this is a great album to discover them with and then move backwards to the classics. Another great album by a band that is so deserving of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


MOTORHEAD “Bad Magic”Track Listing:
1. Victory or Die
2. Thunder & Lightning
3. Fire Storm Hotel
4. Shoot Out All of Your Lights
5. The Devil
6. Electricity
7. Evil Eye
8. Teach Them How to Bleed
9. Till the End
10. Tell Me Who to Kill
11. Choking on Your Screams
12. When the Sky Comes Looking for You
13. Sympathy for the Devil (The Rolling Stones cover)

Lead Vocals/Bass: Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister
Guitarist: Philip “Wizzö” Campbell
Drummer: Mikkey Dee

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