New Music Review: LYNCH MOB “Rebel”

LYNCH MOB Rebel Web Cover Photo
(9 / 10)

REVIEW – If someone would have told me in 2015 George Lynch would have put out two records that will be in a lot of top ten best records of the year, I would maybe believe one, but two? George Lynch a few months ago put out a monster of a record called Shadow Train. Now, we have the new Lynch Mob record which I will be honest is the best thing they have put out since Wicked Sensation easily. Oni Logan to me is in a class with the late singer of Bonham Daniel MacMaster who really know how to get the most out of their vocal delivery. The new Lynch Mob record just comes right out of the gates with that signature George Lynch groove that really romances Oni’s delivery. Tracks like The Hollow Queen and The Ledge for starters show a daring escape from what people expect with Lynch Mob. The Hollow Queen is that song if it was playing on modern rock radio you would think Alter Bridge got heavier and darker.

Testify has such a crunch and catchiness that it is hard to not listen to it repeatedly. War sounds like it ready to bust out the speakers and hit the stage in full force. To me, that song should have started this cd off. My god there is so much energy in that song with this band playing with a hunger and determination to really create this excitement that you just feel instantly. Automatic Fix feels like a continuation from KXM’s Stars, Lynch ripping that guitar riff with Oni singing with this passion that is going to get everyone singing along with him when he says” This is my rock and roll, I hear it calling out to me”. This record to me is a shock, especially when you think that Lynch just released an album of the year contender just a few weeks ago. I hope that the Dokken rumors are just that because if 2015 is any sign of what is to come, George Lynch and his Mob have put a career defining record out in a time when most people are thinking metal is dead and buried. Well, I know a “Mob” who may have something to say about that nonsense. This is a great record from first song to last and after 26 years doing this who would guess that they had this record in them. Highly Recommended and not just for classic rock fans, but metal fans old and young.