New Music Review: KYLESA “Exhausting Fire”

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(9 / 10)

REVIEW – In 2001, I heard this song called “The Scarab” at Tower Records in New Orleans. I asked the store clerk, “what are you playing, and can you point me to the CD”. A lot has changed for KYLESA in the last decade as the sound seems to be more alternative than metal, the Orange Goblin reference has now become My Bloody Valentine. Do not get me wrong, I loved the sludgy, gritty, rock till the trailer windows break sound of past records, but I really love how this band seems to be evolving. This record has “crossover appeal” written all over it, and if anyone deserves that break it should be KYLESA. No other band has put out album to album that is consistent and while evolving the core sound, does not insult their fans and creates a growth that fans did not just get thrown into, but as the band was growing so did the fans and their expectations. This record has left the gloom and doom behind, in favor of poppy psychedelic alternative college rock. Laura Pleasants and Phillip Cope trading vocals really showcase what makes this band so special. That rhythm section is just so tight and dynamic; you know this band just loves to play with one another. The 7th record by this band just sees this trio give us every influence that inspired them and showcases that this band has so much heart and depth to its sound.

I have grown quite fond of what Pleasants brings with her vocals and Crusher the opening track is the best example. She has this alternative approach with distorted vocals and these beats that romanticize her voice. Moving Day is what we were expecting from this band, it has the feel of 90’s alt rock and really shows the growth of this band. Shaping the Southern Sky sounds like something you would expect from Monster Magnet these days, as it deals in this trippy feel with Queens of the Stone Age riffs. The big difference this time around I think is that while KYLESA seems to be proud of their roots, they are working to try and discover who they truly are and what they truly are capable of. While metal fans may not be too happy, alt-rock fans will have a good time with a record that harkens back to when grunge was in its infancy. In the past, KYLESA was always perceived as this band that is lumped into this category with these bands, while the other bands are getting all the press and love, it seemed that KYLESA was forgotten. This record I feel is a statement that KYLESA are a band that should be taken seriously. From first track to last, this album is just a reminder of what music needs so much today, heart and passion.

KYLESA "Exhausting Fire"KYLESA Exhausting Fire

1. Crusher
2. Inward Debate
3. Moving Day
4. Lost and Confused
5. Shaping The Southern Sky
6. Falling
7. Night Drive
8. Blood Moon
9. Growing Roots
10. Out Of My Mind



Phillip Cope — Vocals / Guitar
Laura Pleasants — Vocals / Guitar
Carl McGinley — Drums