New Music Review: INIRE “Cauchemar”

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REVIEW – I think when Chris Jericho was thinking about putting Fozzy together, this is the musical hybrid he was trying to aim for. Inire has the crunch of Lamb of God and the catchiness of Hellyeah. Dre Versailles has a vocal presence that mixes Ryan McCombs and Layne Staley. The music direction goes from metal to alternative without missing a beat. Next of Kin sounds like a demo from the Seattle scene in the early 90’s. The seven years since their debut, have the band very energized and passionate about this latest record. That is the one thing you can feel almost immediately, that the band was having fun doing this record. This band seems to balance themselves on this line of hard rock, grunge rock and southern rock. The one thing that each one they hit upon, they hit it hard and make it their own. This album has one amazing riff and vocal delivery, then a drummer who is just hammering like his life depended on it. This album does feel at times a bit commercialized, but once the smoke clears and you hear the lyrics, it is anything but commercial.

This is an album that I feel can win over metal fans with their playing. They understand what gift their singer has, and they give him a stage to showcase his musical chops. This is a band that just loves to give fans that groove that will keep their hands in the air and the pits open for destruction. This album does tend to delve into deeper waters. It goes into some dark spaces and some power metal moments, that I feel do not compliment this band in the best light. This is a band that does not put fluff on disc, and this album is just as amazing as their debut record. This is a band that I feel, deserves a fan base to support them. They offer some exciting crunch that will get your attention.

INIRE “Cauchemar”

INIRE “Cauchemar”Track Listing:
01. Avidya
02. Wide Awake
03. Next of Kin
04. Endless (free)
05. Crash
06. Hell is Us
07.Far From Anything
08. Let it Die
09. Lord of the Flies
10. Burn
11. Into the Labyrinth
12. Cauchemar
13. Just a Halo Away


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