New Music Review: DUST IN MIND “Never Look Back”

DUST IN MIND "Never Look Back" Web Cover Photo
(8 / 10)

REVIEW – DUST IN MIND get the music scene. They have the beautiful young singer whose image graces to grab the attention and imagination of fans. Then the fans buy the album or a song and listen, and that is when they see that this woman is more than some look. Jennifer has this style to her vocals that oozes sexual but yet emotional at the same time. She also understands how to milk a melody to make it intoxicating to the listener and stuck in your head. DUST IN MIND is a band who understand what their two singers can deliver, and compliment them with catchy riffs and a drum sound that just wants to jump out of the speakers. This is such an interesting mixture of symphonic and industrial metal. The positives to Never Look Back are easy, Jennifer offers something that fans are always wanting when they see a female in a band. She offers a personality and also a charm. When she sings a lyric she sounds like she is wanting to let you soak it in. Her voice is angelic but yet poetic and energetic at the same time. You can tell to deliver music is her life, she gives you a performance that feels like she is going to break down the doors to succeed. The band as a whole know how to capture the moment in their music. When you feel the lyrics cannot be catchy enough, the background really makes the song even more addictive and like a drug.

Never Look Back feels raw at moments, like they are trying to showcase what they offer to a live setting. The negatives, well there are a few. The male vocals at times feel formulaic. It is like the band thought, “well everyone else is doing it.” I feel when bands introduce the male growls that it should mean something, not just thrown in to fill a stereotype. The songs start to feel a little too redundant as the album goes on. I feel that Never Look Back was rushed at times. It feels as though DUST IN MIND was just trying to get things on here and put it out as fast as they could. I wish there was more thought into the last half of the album as there was for the first half. Now, I am not saying the album is bad, but if you make it a straight listen, the song starts to feel a little bit too much towards the end. Now, if you listened to this song today, that song later, and this song even later, I feel the album would not be so bad. Listening to Never Look Back one time through from start to finish does feel like DUST IN MIND lost their direction at moments and at others were unsure of what people would think, so they went for the road more traveled. As a whole though, Never Look Back shows promise and passion. There are moments on Never Look Back that I could listen to that song over and over. I have to say, if you never heard the band you may like what they offer. With that being said do not look at the pictures and think “this is a gothic looking woman, I think I know what she offers”. You may be shocked if you gave the album half a shot.

DUST IN MIND Never Look Back

DUST IN MIND "Never Look Back"1. Intro
2. How Can You
3. I Love As I Hate
4. Never Look Back
5. The Slave of Man
6. Give Up
7. Frozen Smiles
8. Real Nightmare
9. Farewell
10. Toxic
11. My Departure



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