LA Surf-Gazer T. SOOMIAN Premieres Star-Studded Video for “Can’t Hold My Love”

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LA Surf-Gazer T. Soomian Premieres Star-Studded Video for “Can’t Hold My Love”

Introducing: Los Angeles indie psych-rock musician T. Soomian! Think Mac Demarco at times, Tame Impala at other times, and something you’ve never heard before but feel instantly nostalgic towards for the rest. This video is for the track “Can’t Hold My Love” off T. Soomian‘s upcoming album Love Relief. Directed by T. Soomian‘s old Silver Lake neighbor Eddie Obrand (who has also done videos for The Growlers, Ty Segall and others) – “Can’t Hold My Love” features whimsical, sweeping melodies that fade into an ethereal wall of sound, which create the soundtrack to a 70s-styled rom-com video about young love.

In addition, the video was produced by Rebecca Hearn, who has a stylized eye of her own and rising popularity due to her jaw-dropping sense of color and balance. It features a cameo (as the aerobics teacher) from actress Paige Elkington, as well.

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Soomian is a born and bred LA native whose love for his city permeates through his music. He developed his eclectic musical palate early in childhood, heavily influenced by his travels abroad visiting his family. As a result, French music and pop from the 70s hold a particular place in his heart.

He still heavily believes in the power of analog sound. Soomian recorded an entire album, Love Relief, to 8-track tape and is dedicated to recording string and percussion instruments into amplifiers to preserve quality from a bygone era.

“The songs will have a similar sound, not veering too far off at all from the groovy, late 70s dad pop porno music.” T. Soomian

The solo artist got his start playing drums in various bands, performing gigs throughout the local Los Angeles scene, eventually jumping on guitar and vocals as he felt impassioned to take on writing and lead. Speaking of love and social commentary in his lyrics, Soomian croons over the mic with a knowing sense that hypnotizes listeners into another time or place. In the words of Criss Jami, “I enjoy melancholic music and art. They take me to places I don’t normally get to go.”


Following positive local reception from his debut EP Pathe, T. Soomian is now working on a full-length album with two songs released and two full-length videos. Its expected release is in 2019.