New Music Review: HUMAN DARTS “Explicit Thoughts”

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REVIEW – HUMAN DARTS began in the 1970s and released a record. The interesting idea behind this band is that there was no band. Three friends came together to release the record and went about their own music careers. The single became a unique collectors’ item. This began the start of bands with varying members sometimes different names playing the simple sonic signature of the Darts record.

Dart bands toured the country to play in their various forms. One of the original producers/writers, Mr. Zelk, resurfaced. When he resurfaced, he found the son of fellow original member with Shane Close and original guitarist John Arduser. Once together again, they went into the studio with other unique musicians who fell into the eclectic profile of Darts.

The guys have a new EP out called Explicit Thoughts, featuring four new songs. Their first song “Stitches” is infectious and takes the listener on for a fun ride. The follow up “Hey Good Lookin” keeps the upbeat tone going and makes an oldie all their own. “Zombie Man chant” starts with a fast urgency continuing the momentum. “Tell My Sister” closes the EP on a rock infused note about telling a sister to go out and have fun. “Tell My Sister” sounds like a track that would come straight from the 1980s cult comedy, Sixteen Candles.

If you’re a fan of Green Day, The Ramones, and Sum 41, these guys are worth a listen. Their EP is fun and full of what makes their Darts themselves.

HUMAN DARTS “Explicit Thoughts”

HUMAN DARTS "Explicit Thoughts"Track Listing:
1. Tell My Sister
2. Zombie Man chant
3. Hey Good Lookin’
4. Stitches






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