HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD Live at The House of Blues Dallas on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD Live at HOB Web Cover Photo

American Rap/Rock band HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD hailing from Las Angeles, California, formed in 2005 and  consists of vocalist Dylan “Funny Man” Alvarez, vocalist/keyboardist/programmer Jorel “J-Dog” Decker, bassist/vocalist George “Johnny 3 Tears” Ragan, vocalist/guitarist Jordon “Charlie Scene” Terrell, and vocalist/bassist Daniel “Danny” Murillo. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD came out scorching hot burning the joint down with their new hit single, “Whatever It Takes”, followed by their most famous song “Undead”. During the first 3 songs HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD donned their trademark masks. At the conclusion of the third song the stage lights went out then the band reemerged unmasked to fans delight. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD had complete and unfettered control of the crowd the entire evening. The packed house joined in with ear blasting choruses every time the opportunity arose. Fans in Dallas were in for a special treat as HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD played a special Johnny Cash medley just for the Texas crowd. One lucky fan was chosen during the party song “Coming In Hot” to join the band on stage. A 9 year old boy was chosen, he had a HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD VIP pass and when they brought him on stage he didn’t miss a beat. He sang every word and interacted like he was one of the guys. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD always put on a great show and are a must see live act.