New Music Review: HE IS ME “Resurrection”

HE IS ME "Resurrection" Web Cover Photo

REVIEW – HE IS ME is a partnership involving Portland based songwriter and musician/producer, Casey Braunger and Calgary, AB based songwriter/vocalist, Steve Moore. HE IS ME looks at the beauty in the emptiness in all of us and what is underneath with soundscapes, atmosphere, enthralling lyrical content, and sheer feeling. The duo first worked together on a song in 2001 called “Silencer.” In 2016, Casey reached out to Steve about guest vocals for a new song. Steve enjoyed it so much the two decided to make a new project with the purpose of covering musical territory they had not found before.

Casey began playing bass at the age of 13. Once he learned bass, he wanted to learn any instrument he could. Casey has performed in several punk, metal, blues, industrial, and electronic bands. In 1999, he had his own solo project called “Textile Arcade,” where he was an audio engineer for an advertising agency.

HE IS ME "Resurrection"

Steve Moore has worked with prog rock/industrial metal duo The Unraveling (vocals, 2009-2015), down tempo downtempo electronic project Post Death Soundtrack (vocals, guitar – 2008 – present) industrial/ambient duo HE IS ME (vocals – 2016 – present), and hardcore metal group Inner Surge (as the project founder – 2001 – 2008).

The duo released a new song called “Resurrection.” This song is the beginning of a bigger project for them. Heavily industrial based, “Resurrection” talked about being reborn and having no fear. Their sound is very reminiscent of Joy Division, Skinny Puppy, and Massive Attack.

HE IS ME love what they do and this shows in their new song. One can look forward to what they put out from here.

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