From Coma to Comeback: Car Crash Survivor TIMMY MILNER Releases Debut Album Fall Risk

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From Coma to Comeback: Car Crash Survivor Timmy Milner Releases Debut Album Fall Risk

Pulling inspiration from classical composer Gustav Mahler, the gentle sounds of Sufjan Stevens and the infectious soul of Van Morrison, singer-songwriter Timmy Milner curates soft-spoken reflections that take you to the trenches of emotion on his debut album Fall Risk.

After waking from a coma caused by a serious car accident, Milner was told by doctors that making music was in the past. Left with a series of spiritual and metaphysical visions but having made a full recovery, the folk artist had a backbone for his first record and the determination to produce it. Titled after the wristband he wore as a patient, the project is an ode to the trials of life and constant yearning for a peaceful state of mind. Having saved up to build an entire studio for the record, Milner’s unwavering passion slips into each guitar lick and lyric.

Fall Risk, born from a near death experience and a long road to recovery, deals with mortality, a renewed sense of purpose, and a longing for spiritual connection. Independently produced and recorded entirely analog, the album recording began at New Monkey Studio in Los Angeles, brainchild of the late Elliott Smith, and was later completed at Tape Hiss Recording StudioKingsize Soundlabs, and Palomino Sound.

Born and raised in Orange County, California, Milner always felt trapped in a culture fueled by financial ambition and riddled with hypocrisy that made for an unavoidably stressful upbringing. The delicate acoustic and Milner’s subdued vocals make for a heart-rending piece. With the pivotal encouragement and participation of friends, Milner’s exploration of emotional ordeals has come to be realized.

“I feel it’s an important song to help break the ice and give others with mental or emotional trauma and disorders validation and hope.”  – Timmy Milner

 Fall Risk will be available August 3 via cassette, CD and digital platforms.

TIMMY MILNER Fall RiskFall Risk
Timmy Milner

1. Part of Your Sunshine
2. Glass of Your Eye
3. Above the Chaos
4. Time to Go
5. Feeling Human
6. Never Stop Loving You
7. Flow
8. Pretty Pearl
9. Fall Risk
10. Slow Burning Winner
11. In Spite of Who I Am
12. Misty Presence
13. Shadow of Your Wing


“Listen to the riffs. Listen to his vocals. The conviction of the chorus gives us pause, then confidence of that lost love that we could or shouldn’t have had. It’s that feeling of having loved, and wanting to love again” – comeherefloyd