Exclusive Interview: THE BEAST OF NOD

THE BEAST OF NOD are a death metal band based out of Boston, Massachusetts. THE BEAST OF NOD describe themselves as an intergalactic death metal band who write linear song structures, odd time signatures, and extremely technical passages, wherein the songs they write explore the characters and events of a sci-fi universe called “The Land of Nod.” THE BEAST OF NOD‘s Independent Release Debut Album Vampira: Disciple of Chaos was released Monday, May 21st, 2018 with an accompanying comic book for fans of Sci-Fi and vicious metal.

INFRARED MAG: Please tell us about the history and formation of THE BEAST OF NOD.

THE BEAST OF NOD: The Beast of Nod, in our current form, has existed for about 3 years.  Paul met Görebläster and began recording our first EP with him and Ryan, our old bassist.  They hired Nate to be a session drummer and then welcomed him into the fold after recording.  The guys met Brendan at a party and he joined the band as their new bassist before the recording of the band’s second EP.

INFRARED MAG: How would you describe your style?

THE BEAST OF NOD:  We play what we call Intergalactic Death Metal, a subgenre of death metal that features, linear song structures, odd time signatures, and extremely technical passages, wherein songs explore the characters and events of a sci-fi universe called “The Land of Nod”.

INFRARED MAG: Tell us about the concept behind Vampira: Disciple of Chaos.

THE BEAST OF NOD: Vampira Infernalis is a protégé of Chaos, the main antagonist overall within our storyline.  The album is about some of the characters and events from The Land of Nod, such as Potroast The Rhinoman and The Cybernetic Tiger with a Dorsal-Mounted Laser Cannon.

INFRARED MAG: What’s the origin of the band’s name?

THE BEAST OF NOD:  Our music makes people move their head or ‘nod’, hence the name.

INFRARED MAG: Tell us about “The Land of Nod.”

THE BEAST OF NOD: The Land of Nod is the sci-fi universe on which our music is conceptually based.  Your readers can visit https://www.thebeastofnod.com/ for a lot more info.

INFRARED MAG: How does the graphic novel/comic book series Sentient Squirrel Death Machine tie into “The Land of Nod”?

THE BEAST OF NOD:The Sentient Squirrel Death Machine is one of the main protagonists in The Land of Nod and this first issue is a one-off origin story and links into some of the songs we’ve created and plan to create.  We want to focus on a variety of stories in the first few issues to set the scene for the overall universe.  To supplement we’ve provided backstories and character descriptions on our website and hope that with the website, lyrics, and comic book together we demonstrate the depth of the story overall.

INFRARED MAG: How has the fan reception been to Vampira: Disciple of Chaos?

THE BEAST OF NOD:  It’s been very humbling.  Connecting with people all over the world, from Poland to Malaysia.  We hope this is only the beginning and strive to continue to work our asses off to bring our music to the world.

INFRARED MAG: What is a THE BEAST OF NOD live show like?

THE BEAST OF NOD:  You can expect an experience. We have our custom light show at every show and the music is heavy, groovy, technical, and impressive to watch being played. We always attempt to keep a fun atmosphere and encourage people to let loose and have a good time.  If you can’t nod your head to our music, you might be dead.

INFRARED MAG: What plans are in the future for THE BEAST OF NOD?

THE BEAST OF NOD: We aim to release more content, in the forms of 360 performance videos and playthrough videos and plan to record new music in an EP format later this year.

INFRARED MAG: Where can we listen to THE BEAST OFNOD and where can fans purchase physical copies of your CD, merchandise, and digital downloads of your album and comic books?

THE BEAST OF NOD:  You can find everything at these links:

PHYSICAL CD ORDERS: https://www.thebeastofnod.com/store/?category=Physical+CDs
DIGITAL CD ORDERS: https://thebeastofnod.bandcamp.com/
ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-beast-of-nod/1027489917
SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2WUYsRza0k6V4KIFv9SOTI
SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/thebeastofnod
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheBeastOfNod/
FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/thebeastofnod/
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/beastofnod
STORE: https://www.thebeastofnod.com/store/

INFRARED MAG: What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing Vampira: Disciple of Chaos for the first time?

THE BEAST OF NOD:  We’d like them to remember listening to the album as an experience and hope that they continue to follow us on our journeys in The Land of Nod!

THE BEAST OF NOD "Vampira Disciple of Chaos"
THE BEAST OF NOD “Vampira Disciple of Chaos”

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