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SERIAL VICE are a heavy metal band based out of Southern Italy. SERIAL VICE describe themselves as a heavy metal blast somewhere between classic and modern, but gritty and melodic. Their influences range from hard rock to thrash and from doom to power. SERIAL VICE‘s EP Nightmares Come True was released on SLIPTRICK RECORDS in 2017.

INFRARED MAG: Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

SERIAL VICE: The idea to establish a band was born in 2011 from Alessandro Scorrano (drums) and Andrea Donaera (guitar). After some line-up changes, in 2013 another guitarist, Matteo Cirfeda, joins the project, and finally we started to compose our own songs. In the middle of 2014 bassist Stefano Bianchini and singer Giacomo Albanese join Serial Vice and between January and February 2015 we recorded our first album “Nightmares Come True”, finally out in 2017 via Sliptrick Records.

INFRARED MAG: What’s the origin of the band’s name?

SERIAL VICE: We came up with this name  because our lyrics are about the way mankind always lose against its vices – thinking about any kind of “vice”, not just drugs, alcohol, sex: even the desire to kill, the desire to die, the desperation for a lost one we cannot stop, and so on.

INFRARED MAG: Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

SERIAL VICE: We come from Southern Italy and it is really hard for us to be appreciated right here, because people like to listen to other music than Metal (sadly: djs, reggae, pop tribute bands and other monstrosities). There’s a good underground scene but this is relegated at few bad-ass metalheads. Our fans and followers get older with us, because many of them follow us since years. So we try to play in as much live shows as we can: like all originals musicians, we love when people gettin’ every our concerts sings our songs and really enjoy the moment. We have had a good response of CDs and merch sales in the area, and we are always honored to receive invitations to play by the local organizers of metal events and festivals. However, there are very few places where you can play live if you do metal: is the fuckin’ DJs paradise here…but we’re born in hell, so we can survive! Some of the bands active in our area that we suggest you listen to are (random order) Macaria, Essenza, Dreker, Funeral Boogie, Leta, Hopesend, The Clips, Silvered and L’Impero delle Ombre…all friends that we salute! \m/

INFRARED MAG: How would you describe your style?

SERIAL VICE: There are really a lot of individual influences mixed in our music, and this is why we consolidate our sound into a Heavy Metal between classic and modern, gritty and melodic, with various and extensive influences – from Hard Rock to Thrash, from Doom to Power. We want to play some True Heavy Metal trying to always remember we are in 2017 and not in 1985!

INFRARED MAG: What have you released so far and what can someone expect from your work?

SERIAL VICE: “Nightmares Come True” contains songs that are a powerful mix of classic metal riffs and melodic choruses, with a cohesive combination of influences. There are eight tracks which shows each side of the Serial Vice’s metal: Classic Heavy Metal ideas, played with a fresh and modern sound. Lyrics are composed trying to create a strange concept about what can be defined “vices” in our society. And so, not just normal vices such as drugs (You Are Heroin), but we can consider also vices the lust of killing (Killers Combine and It’s All Wrong), hate (The Disregardful), death (Master Of No-Life) and love (the instrumental title track Nightmares Come True and the outro Can’t Erase My Scars).

INFRARED MAG: Do you have any new music in the works?

SERIAL VICE: We are currently busy about concluding the last album promotion phase. Then, starting from next year, we will definitely start to compose new stuff for a new record!

INFRARED MAG: How about playing shows and touring, have anything planned out?

SERIAL VICE: We will try in the near future to promote our album with new shows. Last year was a blast for us: new label, new album out, new fans, new gigs, new stuff. After the album release we got a long break – interrupted only by a live showcase in the last February – and now we’ll see what will happens in the second part of 2018, when we’ll finally promote our album on the road!

INFRARED MAG: What plans do you have for the future as a band?

SERIAL VICE: As mentioned, we plan to come back live in the short term. Then from next year we will try to compose new songs for a second album and we will try to plan a tour maybe with dates outside the national borders!

INFRARED MAG: Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

SERIAL VICE: Actually there is only one of our song available for free on the web (You Are Heroin), but we recently shared our first official video (Master Of No-Life) and various live reportages on YouTube. Of course, our last album is available in streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer etc. and it can be purchased on all e-commerce platforms (Amazon, eBay and Sliptrick Rec. official shop “DeadPulse”). We also have social pages on Facebook and Instagram where we share almost daily all our stuff. By the way, we’ve got an active official site (www.serialvice.tk) that gathers all our contents on the web (music, news, live dates, photos, videos and so on).

INFRARED MAG: What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

SERIAL VICE: Our hope is that our album will please everyone: old school’s metalheads and new adepts. After all, this is what we try to do searching for our sound. So far we have received numerous positive feedback from both experts and those who are neophytes or simple rock music lovers: we are content to feel like we are juxtaposed, on a musical level, to groups like Maiden or Priest by the people that listen us! We hope to continue like this! UP THE VICES! \m/

SERIAL VICE "Nightmares Come True"
SERIAL VICE “Nightmares Come True”
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