Exclusive Interview: A THREAT TO THE ENEMY

INFRARED MAGAZINE (IM) had a chance to catch up with one of North Texas’ premier metal bands, A Threat to the Enemy, at their recent show at the Gas Monkey Live. After crushing it on stage, in support of Gwar, ATTTE’s bassist, Les Paul (LP) was kind enough to answer a few questions.


IM: It’s always great to see a hometown band sharing the ticket with a national act. How did you guys get the Gwar gig? How did you choose your setlist for the Dallas show?

LP: We were actually looking to book a local show at Gas Monkey Live and I was talking with Dan over there and at that point they were booked months in advance. Fortunately he asked if we were interested in playing with a national anytime soon, so I we see the Gwar show is coming up in a few months but I initially thought it would be a long shot since its Gwar and they do just fine without local support but I received an email a few days later and it was all confirmed. As far as song choice , well your opening for Gwar these guys have been doing this for 30 years, we had to bring our A game ,so we just went with what we play the tightest as well as mixing in songs from each album as well as a new track from our upcoming release.

IM: You’re about to embark on a two week tour of Europe; what do you guys hope to accomplish while you’re overseas?

LP: We just want to spread our brand of heavy metal all over the world to as many people that we can. We’re doing 15 dates in 8 countries and I’d say were just getting started. 

IM: Brad Christopher is a fairly recent addition, although he’s been with y’all for a while now. How has he influenced the group’s sound and how, if at all has ATTTE evolved since his arrival?

LP: Well Brad just has a huge presences about him in general. Dude is close to 7ft tall with a matching set of pipes. I believed he was a perfect fit when our original vocalist stepped down. I think were evolving with each album but keeping true to our original sound.

IM: ATTTE has a new album coming out in early 2016. Do you have a title yet? What will set the new album apart from your previous album? (besides having Brad on it)

LP: Were not set on a title for the album as a whole but we’ve been tossing some ideas around. Typically that’s one of the last things we usually do during post production after we’ve fully locked in lyrics and actually endured the recording process. The album itself will have a lot more styles incorporated into since the first album was just James and Michael writing the music. This record has elements each of us brought to pre production and rehearsals so we hope that will keep everything fresh and interesting for the listener. 

IM: And y’all are planning on putting out a single, before the album drops. Have you chosen the track yet, and if so, why that particular song?

LP: Most likely the first single will be “Scratching the Surface”. Its the one song we have played a few times live and think we have received a good response each time we performed it but its possible  change our minds after we finish tracking.

IM: For someone that has never seen ATTTE live, describe your live show.

LP: Expect a lot of energy both onstage and in the audience. Basically what you see is what you get. No backtracks, samples keyboards. We que our intro track then its pure full steam metal from first note to last.

IM: What’s the best way to stay up-to-date with ATTTE? Facebook and Twitter, right?

LP: Facebook is always the easiest go to for that as well as Twitter and Bands in Town. Also we were just recently added to the COLDCOCK whiskey roster, so you can also check for show dates there and many more local and national acts.

IM: Is there anything that you guys would like to say your fans?

LP: We just want to say thanks for the continued support and hope we can continue to do this for you. It’s been said over and over but none of this is possible without you, the fans! –- Les Paul


Based out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, A Threat to the Enemy is Brad Christopher on vocals, Les Paul on bass, guitarist Paul Egly and percussionist Michael Hill.