Dallas Observer’s 6th Annual ARTOPIA

By Tristan Miller, with  photos by Ryan Javier

DALLAS – The Dallas Observer hosted their sixth annual Artopia celebration, where artists from all walks of life came together to express their diverse and original styles of art, which include but are not limited to, live music, eccentric body paint, and delicious food.


The euphoria of artist galore enticed the masses to congregate in a frenzy of impact numbers, and the guests of the nights excitement immediately connected with one another due to their outgoing personalities that created an open environment where everyone could feel at home.


Friends erupted in an infectious laughter while they gazed their eyes on what The Dallas Observer had in store for this years Artopia.


In addition to exploring exquisite drinks and tasting splendid food, they shared their gracious presence with each and every individual artist who was glad to show their wonderful creations.

DSC_1624Even musical acts, like Dezi5 and Ishi, were in an ecstatic frenzy jumping off stage to be part of the crowd, which truly helped everybody to feel like they were all apart of the glory.

Dezi 5 - photo by Ryan Javier
The patrons bodies bounced from booth to booth so they could feast their eyes even more on all the artist’s work that was available for sale. Along with the mystical artwork came the delicious food that was free to each and every individual who dared to take on their enticing recipes.
Not only was the food so delectable, but also was the fashion taste of the evenings runway artist’s designs. Their work was displayed on striking models, who took the stage by storm with full confidence.
Their enthusiastic cheer was mirrored in the faces of all who stood before them, and they were grateful because they felt like they were one big family.
Along with the magical visual aspects of the event came the harmony that was captured at yet another successful Artopia, which left its guests feeling satisfied and renewed.DSC_1615
Plenty of art lovers went home with angelic paintings, photos, and more that will fill their homes with a reminder of the memories and friendships they made at the 2016 Artopia.
Luckily, for the participants they were able to continue enjoying the night into the thin hours of the morning at Artopia’s after party.
RRJ_5047 RRJ_5048  RRJ_5043
But with great celebration comes a bittersweet farewell, and the night called for everyone to dispel to his or her home.
Regardless, the memories of the night’s enjoyment will live on for another day….