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CORONER Re-Releases of First Three Albums Available Now

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After the boxset / DVD release “Autopsy” from 2016, Swiss technical Thrash Metal pioneers CORONER are now re-releasing their legendary 80’s catalogue with re-mastered versions of the first three albums “R.I.P.” (1987), “Punishment For Decadence” [...]
New Music

HERUIN Drops Debut EP “Addict” via Famined Records

The time has finally come to let this beast out of its cage! German nu-metalcore act HERUIN has officially unveiled their debut EP, Addict. The five-song release is now available worldwide. You may have previously stumbled upon their [...]

Exclusive Interview: SERIAL VICE

SERIAL VICE are a heavy metal band based out of Southern Italy. SERIAL VICE describe themselves as a heavy metal blast somewhere between classic and modern, but gritty and melodic. Their influences range from hard [...]

Exclusive Interview: SINIESTRO

SINIESTRO are a heavy metal band based out of Stockholm Sweden. SINIESTRO describe themselves as arctic thrash mixed with black-metal and GG Allin styled punk. SINIESTRO‘s debut album Revelations In Mayhem was released via Bleeding Heart Nihilist on [...]

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